to reflect on your status or position, and ensure that your att-tude is aligned.
encore @ the wynn european pool
maida: oh my gawd do you see that old lady in the pool flashing her b–bs
debbie: i don’t care how much she paid for those t-tties, no one needs to see that.
maida: she needs to check in and put those things away.
a form of name calling used started and used in memphis tennessee. sometimes starting with “shut yo” or ending with “looking -ss n-gg-” “looking -ss b-tch” or just “looking -ss.” some people have their own ways of doing this. some people end with “face -ss”
this is known by almost everyone in memphis tennessee.
people use random ideas and items in their checks.
“shut yo sour cabbage eatin -ss up”
“king kong granddaddy looking -ss n-gg-”
“get yo pregnant ape looking -ss on somewhere”
“bean pie face -ss”

james says “d-mn mayne they checkin yo -ss.”
english slang, two people dating, not in a relationship.
girl 1: dat guy ross is pretty fit are you still checkin him?
girl 2: yeah
determining if someone is all right or on task.

asking everyone in a meeting to tell one by one how they are doing.
i’ll check in with you after work.

we’ll start the meeting with a check-in to see how everyone is doing this week.
used in jails and prisons, to “check in” means to request a transfer into protective custody. protective custody is an area within a prison or jail where security is tighter and officer presence is more pr-nounced. protective custody is used mainly for rats, people with mental illness and s-x offenders.
johnny checked in the oher day after the guys in his block found out what his charges were.

we told him last week that if he didn’t check in, he would be sorry that he came to our pod.
to “check-in” is in a sense, the opposite of “checking someone out.”
“dude, i was with my girlfriend yesterday and this nice -ss chick was walking by, i really wanted to look at her, but i had to “check-in,” to my lady. sh-t.
when a person uses an app on their smartphone (or ipad) to “check-in” at a business, destination, or popular point of interest. if a person checks-in, it usually lets other people know where they’re at via a social media channel such as yelp, foursquare, facebook, and in some cases twitter.
yo, are you guys at benihana? i haven’t seen anyone check-in on yelp yet.

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