CBF – Colorado Butter Face

a female indigenous to the state of colorado with a tight, tanned body from hiking, yoga, being out doors and sadly have the worst case of b-tter face. they are the majority of the population and all to common in areas of boulder, denver, and fort collins, co.

cbf has been shown to be both a genetic expressed in colorado, and an imported trait found in college age women and up.

the short phrasing of the situation goes as such:

‘the cbf in this pre are dtf’ … or ‘the colorado b-tter face in this p-ssy rich environment are down to f-ck’ ….
‘look at the -ss on the girl! let’s see what her face loo….. awwwwwwwwww 🙁 … she’s got the cbf – colorado b-tter face.

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