pr-nounced: “chawch”

definition: noun-a person (usually male)who attempts to exhibit a cool and popular look but generally comes across as either an -sshole and/or a total loser. plural: chachs, chaches.
adjective, adverb- dumb, idiotic ex: “that guy just totally pulled a chach move.”
(rare) verb-to unjustifiably escape a commitment. ex: “todd really chached out tonight.”

behavioral patterns: tends to b-tch out when extreme situations present themselves. provokes animosity in more enlightened individuals.

special abilities: being able to p-ss off peers in close proximity by doing absolutely nothing.

where found: shopping malls, fraternities, late night diners, college bars and/or clubs, party schools, business seminars.

synomyms:douche bag, b-tch-ss, etc.

combinations: can be used in conjunction with “-ss” as in “chach -ss”. northern dialect also includes the form “chachski”.

possibly derived from: the character chachi played by actor scott baio on the television programs happy days (1974-1984)and joanie loves chachi(1982-1983).

vulgarity level: perfectly safe to use in public.

what to do if encountered: keep a cool head. a chach’s main weapon is annoyance. avoid places where chaches frequent (you should anyways). they are insecure and have a weak sense of pride so hit on their girlfriend to throw them off guard.
use your imagination. everyone has met a chach.
“(insert name here) is a chach (-ss).”
noun: a man trying too hard to appeal to the opposite s-x by means of too much calogne, too many accessories, excessive hair styling, or overpriced clothes (eg-$90 t-shirts), yet tries to maintain his masculinity by calling girls sl-ts and talking much louder than those around him.

see also: tchotch
girl: “that chach called me a wh-r- after i scoffed at his pr-nouncement that he would do things to my i’ve only dreamed of.”
a chach is someone who has been a douche enough times to be considered something more irritating. so, being a chach is definitely worse than being a douche.
every time we go out with that guy, he ends up hitting on my girlfriend. he’s definitely a douche bag with chach tendencies.
the incorrect way to spell choch
person1: it’s spelled c-h-o-c-h
person2: no chach is spelled c-h-a-c-h
many other people: no stupid, it is spelled c-h-o-c-h
person1: yeah you stupid choch
last nite i ripped chach.
a douche bag who spends too much time in the tanning bed and looking at himself in the mirror. if he attends a party his collar will be popped and his hair will be gelled way too much. he’ll also think everyone in the room, including guys, want to get in his pants.
look at that f-ckin chach challenging everyone at the party to wrestle.
pr-nounced: chaw-ch
a lifestyle of fake tans, over-priced, name-brand merchandise, big, eccentric hair (usually blonde), usually uses large amounts of makeup, tends to be very well groomed and keeps up with all the lastest trends.
a chach typically walks around like they own the place and are very obnoxious.
non-chach’s talk badly and gossip about chach’s.
“well, somebody spends too much time looking in the mirror. what a chach.”

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