– used primarily to describe something h-lla fire and/or lit
– can describe an event that greatly exceeded expectations
– something mind blowing or maddd sickkk would def be channey

-used primarily in the northeast, replaced only in boston by the word “wicked”
“yo, did you see we gotta a snow day”
“that’s freaking channey, bro”

“i thought i was lowkey boutta bomb that test but it was mad easy”
“channey my dude”

“i can’t believe kanye showed up at that concert, f-ing channey”

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  • c*nt pocket

    the v-g-n-; usually already pre-stuffed. “excuse me, ma’am. i need to search your c-nt pocket before you board the plane.”

  • thick pencil

    a fat girl who has no curves but is still to big to wrap your arms around “hey man did you see sam at the party last night?” “yeah dude she’s a total thick pencil” “haha ew”

  • mossy sloth

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  • shivan

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  • j*panese hurricane

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