you are such a chantweaka

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  • italiaboo

    a person born in a country that is not italy but thinks they are italian because of some old italian great-grandfather or something. they worship pizza, but forget to put salt in their barilla pasta, love to watch soccer but only know a couple of famous italian players; they also go around saying random italian […]

  • shartgart

    what you call a sagr when a sagar farts in his sleep multiple times and makes the whole room smell like dog sh-t shartgart made the whole room smell like sh-t night

  • micheal p

    micheal p is a youtube channel. most of the time he plays roblox and screams. his mic is the greatest mic of all time. micheal p: hi guys micheal p here, today i’m gonna be quiet because my parents are sleeping. (30 seconds later) micheal p: -screams loudly

  • pikachuism

    pikachuism is a religion in which all followers treat pikachu like a god and see pokemon go as an ancient way to talk to the god, most followers are s-xually attracted to pikachu, somehave even bought pikaachu dolls to “have fun” with i follow pikachuism

  • matthewitis

    matthew had just licked your hand. you’re now infected and you are going to get a bad case of bad grades. good luck! matthewitis has caused a string of 50s.

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