the word charnstar is used to describe something that is incredibly awesome and funny.
hey your cats pee dish is totally charnstar.

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  • CHC

    simply, cold hard cash john:hey tom what do you want for christmas tom: just some chc big cheeks on a male or female, that is good for holding male sp-nk, c-m holding cheeks bro she has them chc’s crooked hat club – members are those guys (and the occasional girl) who walk around with their […]

  • cheeyo

    a form of a greeting that quickly grabs the attention of the other person…especially ppl that are high when u rly wanna get some1z attention u b like cheeyo!!! if they don’t respond…wait a min and then b like cheeeeeeeyo!!!!

  • beefarilla

    a really big guy, who is also as ugly as an ape. d-mn, beefarilla sure can put down the grub.

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  • Chengover

    the annoying feeling you get “the morning after” you consume terrible chinese food. dude…that sesame chicken we got from “rice king” last night gave me the worst chengover i have ever had.

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