one to many c-kes or fizzy drinks
try a c-ke yourself and see one or two should do the trick!

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  • jebuz

    homer simpsons’s pr-nounciation of our lord save me jebuz! ska/rock band based in melbourne, australia. jesus long lost stoner brother floating hippy on clouds smoking bong

  • jeehoon

    a word that is slang for v-g-n- eat that jeehoon fool

  • Lame Sex Marriage

    lame s-x marriage is when the s-x in your marriage has become rather dull and un-exciting for one reason or another. i have been married for ten years and now have a lame s-x marriage with my husband.

  • Landeta

    1. to break-up or dump someone 2. the act of giving someone the boot, in reference to former eagles punter sean landeta. friend: so whatever happened between (insert name of wh-r- here) and you? you: oh, i landeta-ed her -ss.

  • Cheesebook

    updated one’s facebook status message with a real mushy, emotional status update “hugs and kisses xoxo is…so blessed to be blessed with the blessings of starbucks this morning!” would be considered an example of cheesebooking.

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