1. one who enjoys the delicious luxury of running thier toungue across cheese.

2. the act of licking cheese.

3. anything that is extraordinarily enjoyable, not unlike the feeling of licking cheese.
1.” that cheeselick really likes his cheddar.”

2. “i’d really like to put a good cheeselick on that.”

3. “this game should be the cheeselick of the year!”

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  • Cheetos Bowl

    a imaginary bowl game that big frank thought existed, connection to the worst joke ever. “wow, the tost-tos bowl . . . what’s next, the cheetos bowl?

  • chest growl

    when a girl burps but doesn’t want to say it, she says she had a chest growl if your at the movies with a pretty girl and you hear a noise like a burp and ask her if that’s what is was then she replies, “no, it was a chest growl”

  • Chestnut Topper

    the “top-off” or “refresher” to a gl-ss of wine. when the white or red liquid falls too far below the 6oz standard, remember to continue indulging with a chestnut topper. bill: “your gl-ss is looking low there, tom…” tom: “bill, i need a chestnut topper, fill ‘er up”

  • Chevrette

    bad-ss chicks!! i know that look, you must be a chevrette!

  • chewbz

    street slang for a cylindrical container rather than the correctly pr-nounced ‘tube’ (‘t-yooo-b’) plural of chewb aight bred, i iz gonna order two chewbz packed wiv retro sweets for me julie for christmas innit!

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