it means whatever you want it to mean.
chickaler guys, how are you?

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  • yaois*xual

    when a person is yaois-xual they commit. no, not as in killing yourself don’t you dare think that way negativity will not be tolerated here and can get you no where in life either. remember these wise words. now where was i going with this… oh yes i mean commitment yaoi all day, everyday. its […]

  • bullyism

    when being bullied by others. basically a phase. “this is bullyism”

  • zach welcomer

    a f-cking douche bag this zach welcomer needs to kill himself

  • superhero touchdown

    the act in which you launch your body off of a stationary object and into the v-g-n- of a human female. while in the air, you shout, “i’m c-mming in hot”. this is usually done while wearing a cape. daniel gave me the superhero touchdown last night.

  • adhdecaf

    the person who can climb out of bed really early and go to sleep really late an still be more energized than everyone else because they have adhd. frank: it’s such a good day today! george: it’s six in the morning. how are you not tired? frank: i drink adhdecaf to stay awake. i don’t […]

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