the act of a female going down on a guy or oral copulation
man i seen that freak chickenbobbing yo -ss in da car

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  • chicken riddle

    a combination of words used by matt when ordering burger king wgile under the influence of mind altering drugs. “yo, can i have a big whopper. some fries maybe, like a c-ke, and a four pack of chicken riddle.”

  • Chiflow

    a low sperm count caused by chronic masturbation in order to keep only healthy and fresh s-m-n on board. my entire family had the flu so i jerked off 3 times a day for a week to keep my chiflow low.

  • child watcher

    a person who likes to watch children undress, bathe, and sleep. they usually start with masturbating to it then it stems out to all out rape on the child. alyna hildago is a child watcher

  • flankwanker

    noun. someone who likes to m-st-rb-t- while hiding in the shadows of large -ssembly areas e.g. under the bleachers during a school pep rally todd is always vanishing during concerts, wtf? err one know that b-st-rd is a f-ckin flankw-nker

  • flarbitate

    to crack under extreme pressure and freak out (yelling, flailing, etc), usually after “the straw that breaks the camel’s back” when john lost his calculus notes during finals week, he flarbitated.

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