a chlimp is the embodiment of a chimp, climp, clump, and a chud all in one grand combo creating a chlimp.
f-ckin’ chlimps man.
that guy is being kind of a chlimp.

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  • coffaine

    a mixture of coffee and cocaine. dude 1: hey man i feel really tired. dude 2: try some coffaine!

  • multi-peeps

    where there is an overlapping of the same people within different groups within society. “he isn’t just on our crew, he’s multi-peeps man!”

  • smurfet

    smurfet is a beautiful, athletic girl who all boys drool over a girl who can get a guy to like her in no time “who is that ” that’s smurfet ” wow she is the most beautiful girl i have ever seen ” you think i have a chance ? haha no way dude

  • soup sweats

    the sweaty forehead you get after drinking two boiling cups of ramen. “dude are you ok? why are you so sweaty”. “i’m fine, i just have the soup sweats.”

  • blazing phoenix

    partic-p-ting in -n-l s-x, where the recipient is battling explosive diarrhea due to the consumption of spicy food. ooh! you’re eating ten-star spicy mexican food? maybe we can have a blazing phoenix session in about an ninety minutes.

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