Choco Mucho

s-x acts that incorporates sh-t into your s-xual play and then leaving obvious evidence of it like smearing it on the sheets/furniture/walls or leaving a “little log” under the bed mattress or bed frame.

when you feel h-rny and want to have s-x with your partner and at the same time want to use your sh-t as part of your s-x acts.

a code couples can use in public to indicate one of them is in the mood for kinky s-x involving defecating on their partner.
baby, i’m in the mood for some choco mucho tonight!!

dude, we got banned from the hotel because they found the choco mucho under the mattress.

man, it’s been a month since i gave my girlfriend a choco mucho

choco mucho -n-l action fetish p–p v-g-n- sh-t s-x s-xual acts kinky s-x p–p s-x play

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