Chocolate Avalanche

when you are f-cking a b-tch in the -ss hole and she starts to sh-t.
the b-tch gave me a chocolate avalanche last night. the sh-t started oozing down my c-ck. i kept f-cking her because it felt good. she then sucked the sh-t off my c-ck.

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  • Chocolate Gateau

    the act of -j-c-l-t-ng into somebodys -n-s, and then having them spread the sh-t across your chest. my girlfriend was feeling adventerous last night, so we made a chocolate gateau.

  • chocolate nut burst

    when you’re reading a snicker’s marathon bar and realize you are obsessed with s-xualizing everything. then you check to see if it’s been posted on definithing yet. status update: the snickers marathon bar i was given yesterday advertises a “chocolate nut burst.”

  • Desk Hickey

    the mark on your face that is left from a desk when you fall asleep in cl-ss. “dude, were you sleeping in english? because you have a huge desk hickey on your cheek!”

  • Bum kernel

    1. someone who reminds you of th smelly reminents left on your b-ttcheeks after a particularily raunchy dump ohh man im going have to check for b-m kernels after laying that log!

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