any extremely annoying or overwhelmingly dumb person, a wannabe, a douche bag, or basically any other -sshole there is.
“that wannabe skater kid at lunch was such a choit. he tried to start a fight over a seat.”
a choit is a run of the mill douche bag. it can be any type of race or person in particular but they have to give off a real douchebag vibe.
some traits found in a choit are as follows:
1. snotty
2. obnoxious
3. loud
4. thinking they are bad -ss but really stupid skater kids
5. freshman who think they are the sh-t but are actually 5’4 and weigh 100lbs
6. freshman who try and fight a senior
7. kids who usually have small p-n-ses
8. kids who just fail in general
9. kids who are about to have there -sses beat
10. politicians

choit is pr-nounced like chuh-oit
coming from a french verb
‘wow did you see that kid try and call out that senior and almost get his -ss beat?’ ‘lmao! i did what a freakin choit!’
the sound a p-n-s make when c-m comes
out of a d-ck
at the climax of -j-c-l-t–n i choited

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