Choking Casper

a means of self pleasure attempted only by the bravest of males. a masturbatory technique by which 2-4 tissues are overlapped to form a soft sheath over the head and shaft of the p-n-s, thus resembling a ghost. the male proceeds to “choke his chicken” using the kleenex condom as both a barrier between his hand and penile skin as well as a reservoir for the resulting -j-c-l-t-. for best results, tissues with aloe should be used in order to reduce friction and risk of bleeding.
kyle: i stumbled upon the hottest lesbian p-rn on tv last night.
paul: did you blow your load all over the place or did you contain it with the choking casper?
kyle: let’s just say casper wasn’t such a friendly ghost when i was done. i ended up with some serious rug burn.

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