mean,cool and agervating at the same time also will get mad at stupid things people do
this person is awesome he is chrishaud

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  • whorth

    when you spend money on a wh-r- but it was d-mn well worth it. dude… last night was whorth it.

  • hindud

    an apartment that has been steamed, broken and dirty. this apartment’s been hindu’d!

  • lma oh my gosh

    when you think something is a joke so you start typing “lmao” but then you realize that it is something serious so you use “oh my gosh” shook serious “you’re ugly asf ” response: lma-oh my gosh!

  • asasin

    hey! learn how to spell “asasin” correct it’s -ss-ssin jeez you: “hey look at that asasin” me: “asasin?!!? asasin?!! bro its spelt -ss-ssin!

  • undercover truffle b*tter

    the combination of fecal matter and s-m-n that acc-mulates under your foreskin after unprotected -n-l s-x “dude i had s-x last night and have all this sh-t under my d-ck skin” “oh yeah man, that’s undercover truffle b-tter. you gotta wrap it up or make him sh-t first”

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