throwing, tossing
quit chuckin sh-t b-tch

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  • Dick Smitten

    usually referring to a girl that you gave your d-ck to the night before and she keeps texting you about it. claire got me after a few pints last night, yeah i gave to her now my phone battery is dead. sounds like she’s d-ck smitten! d-ck addictiond-ckizzle

  • Dikeslip

    a nickname given to the lesbian town of islip known for having a population conatining 95% dikes u wana hu? nvm ur from dikeslip forgot ur a lesbian

  • Dinkerface Walrus

    the act of insulting one by referring to them as a walrus with a p-n-s on it’s face. tom is such a d-nkerface walrus

  • Dinkle melon

    a huge large wad of used toilet paper stuck on someone’s -ss after wiping. usually happens from using cheap toilet paper. d-nkle melons are much larger than d-nkleberries. julie was disgusted to have found a d-nkle melon on the floor of the bathroom that must have fell off of marc’s -ss when he got into […]

  • Donkey Flu

    a type of cold where the illness is mostly in your throat. making the victim feel as if they were raped in the throat by a donkey. worse than swine flu because donkey’s are hung. 1. what’s up with joe today? 2. he’s out sick with donkey flu. 3. oh, hope he drinks lots of […]

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