clam digger

a game, in which the object is to find parking…
meatwad played clam digger all day, while master shake was stabbing him in the back of the neck with a fondue fork…
an occupation: any person from m-ssachusetts, typically, that harvests clams at low tide in the clam laden inlets.
an article of clothing: pants that are worn by those digging clams. they are cut off 6 inches below the knee and resemble “high waters” but have no apparent cuff or taper.
1: it’s low tide, let’s take a ride by the inlet and see if the clam diggers are out.
2: dude, why the f-ck are you wearing clam diggers? we’re goin to pick up the ladies, not the beach.
a woman who is constantly scratching her dirty stinkhole due to a case of chronic persistent chlamydia. unclean women who are promiscuous are generally at a high risk, including prost-tutes, tunab-tches, paris hilton, and other pickle ticklers.
“d-mn dude, i can smell that clam digger’s musky emanation, and i think i’m gonna drop a vom bomb. d-mn!”
baggy pants ending at the calf that give a feeling of the carribean islands. usually came with rope belts to give it a nautical look. they were popular in the 1950s and 60s.
like wow, your threads razz my berries! girl, i like how you’re sporting those cool clam diggers instead of everyone else with their lame poodle skirts, capris, and pedal pushers.
clam digger (n); a person who must “dig” to get to the “clam.”

one who must move large amounts of fat to gain access to an obese woman’s v-g-n-.
“mike slept with fat-susan last week.”
“what a clam digger.”
the act of making a women squirt while also performing c-nn-l-ng-s and catching the -j-c-l-t–n in your mouth.
it was so hot when i was going down on her and got the full clamdigger flavor
super tight, pubis pinching, lady pants.
miriam’s lady parts were in high relief in her lavender clamdiggers.

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