Clashing Colours

oddly organised knitting enthusiasts who play a little music in between purling sweaters. twice voted melbourne’s hottest new scarfers by the foster chunder -ssociation of woolamaroo, the clashing colours are responsible for the designs of most of the away strips in the australian football league including the paramatta eels, woogawooga shielas and the gosling surfing wrens.

the cc were formed in 2009 when a leftist boarder with one t-st-cl- grew tired of poking himself with a crotchet hook and decided to take up the b-ss. mayhem soon followed and was taught, idiomatically, how to drum. plenty of yarn and a piano were procured from a second-hand abo store in the blue mountains and, struth, the rest is history.

g’day mate! y ‘right? i reckon my dingo’s colder than a wallies nellie t’night. how’d ya like to pop out and see if clashing colours could weave me up a quick gosling jumper to warm the frost off my w-nkle. while yer up give the finger to those poms across the road. ta.

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