1. a person who studies cl-ssics (ancient greek and latin)

2. a follower of cl-ssicism in the arts
examples of a cl-ssicist included dante, petrarch, and shakespeare in poetry and theatre.
(also look in wikipedia for more examples, definitions, and etc.)
somebody who is against people with bad morals, low income, and little/no education. a cl-ssicist doesn’t care about race or gender, even if it’s his/her own one. somebody who biases due to race is a racist and gender is a s-xist don’t get them confused.

if you agree with these statements your a cl-ssicist, and not a racist or s-xist.

i love black people, but i hate n-gg-rs

i love white people, but i hate rednecks

i love hispanic people, but i hate illegal immigrants
i love asian people, but i hate yakuzas
most people are a cl-ssicist but are often -ssumed to be a racist

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