a smart individual, who is caring, friendly, and attractive. always there when needed and is mostly a lover than a fighter but will fight for what she loves.
wow i wanna be like a claudette one day.
whoa, did you see that claudette walk by!
aww, your such a claudette.
a beautiful, hot, and talented chick, a little french, may be a bit promiscuous. envied often.
that chick is such a claudette! i wish i could be her!
a b-tchy woman! someone you can never trust. one who is very mean to her grand children. a crazy, freanch jew which rises from h-ll, to make lives of humans miserable. selfish, lame, and horrid. the most unloving person you can, and will ever meet!
what a b-tch! she must be a claudette.

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