a grim but cool phrase or expression generally -ssociated with most of the characters played by clint eastwood.
“do you feel lucky punk?” – dirty harry

“don’t cut up or otherwise harm anymore wh-r-s or i’ll come back and kill every one of you sons of b-tches!” – unforgiven.

an informal way of speaking or texting, which is usually the result of years of getting hit in the head, where the pract-tioner commonly uses words that don’t belong in place of ones that do. the person using a clintism will believe that there is nothing wrong with the way they speak or spell. most common is replacing the word “that” with “what”.
e.g. “looking for a phone whats work.”
the pract-tioner will also spell words how they sound while texting. this often results in the pract-tioner’s phone to auto correct right words to the improper ones.
e.g. ” i mite get done early.”
that guy with brain damage has really picked up clintism lately.

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