clinton township

home of the gayest pigs in the country. since ct has one of the lowest crime rates in the country the ctpd has nothing better to do but pull over young kids and search them for drugs. every cop is looking for the next big drug bust. cops have even been suspected of planting drugs on kids and demanding s-xual favors from girls. some even have s-x with north hunterdon high school students and spread genital herpes around the school. if you can avoid ct then by all means do so.
on a brighter note, its home of some of the best public schools in the country. all blue ribbon awarded but it is not the best place to raise children. see: hunterdon county
if your driving past 10 o’clock in clinton township and your under 25 and are with friends prepare to be pulled over, grilled with questions, taken out of the car and searched. not really sure why you would drive around past 10 since there is nothing to do in that town but whatever…
the worst possible place to be. cops will try to do anything to get you in trouble. teenagers always get pulled over for no reason. it has blue ribbon schools but definetly a terrible place be ready to be pulled over and investigated.
clinton township sucks

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