a person who’s gone beyond the point of crazy and has finally flipped out.

derives it’s origins from the crazies who have taken a rifle to the top of a clock tower, presumably because the ticking of a giant clock is soothing to some people.
“whoa man, did you hear that mickey went nuts and panched that guy for dinging his car?”

“yeah, i always thought he was a total clocktower.”


“if i don’t make some friends soon, i’m gonna go clocktower.”
leicester landmark, was once the pride of the city center, and is not the most sc-mmy, sh-thead infested cesspit possible due to all of the wannabe w-nkers who decide to sit and look stupid there every single sat-rday.
idiot 1: dude like are u coming clock tower
idiot 2: yeh let me put on my him teeshirt and trivium hoody and mcr sweatband and slipknot shoes and funeral for a friend hat and sign off mysp-ce
idiot 1: dude i luv ur style ur so unique
someone who has p-ssed the tipping point and is now homicidal.
glick’s going to totally go clocktower when he finds out that he’s not getting hired back. what a r-t-rd.
a nickname for a kid whose actually named blake.
this kid must be tall-6′ is preferred
his main purpose in life is to grab books from shelfs
and tell time exactly
he must also tell very very very random stories

and find 5 dollars
hey clocktower! whats the time?

wanna quickie clocktower??
an ugly person who looks like a mix between paul bearer, missy elliot, and shrek
turn up “get your freak on” and get a look at this f-ckin clock tower

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