Closet Asshole

one who comes off to most as kind but is actually an -sshole.
hence the name “closet -sshole”: meaning and -sshole in the closet.
closet -ssholes are normally really nice to those they don’t know but do subtle mean things that aren’t super mean but are slightly irritating.
pretty much antagonists or rebels.
ex 1: someone that leaves you to fend for yourself when the weird chick you find gross asks you out.
“my besfriend is such a closet -sshole!”

ex 2: someone that when you say not to touch your stuff they poke it.
when a person is nice to you to get what they want and then once they get it or find out they cant have it they are a closet -sshole
man that guy was nice but since you didnt give it up to him and hes acting like a closet -sshole.

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