Cloud Strife

character of final fantasy vii, often regarded as one of the most popular and recognizable characters the video game industry has ever seen. most noted for the love triangle between him, aeris and tifa, and off course -lol- his spikey hair
cloud is the coolest
cloud is the main hero in the smash rpg hit, final fantasy vii. one of the most recognizable figures in rpg-land, cloud possesizes a head of spikey blonde hair and a large buster sword. in the ff-fandom, there is a large dispute over the love triangle between cloud, aeris, and tifa. it’s up to the player’s discretion, given that the game is open to interpreation, but square seems to love pairing cloud and aeris off together in cameos, don’t they? -wink- believing himself to be an ex-soldier, cloud sets out on what becomes a voyage of self-discovery as he saves the world from his old friend, sephiroth.
you look so cute, miss cloud.
the main character of final fantasy 7. spikey blonde hair and glowing, deep blue eyes. begins as a mercenary who only works for money but is brought into the fight to save the planet when sephiroth starts using him as a puppet. tifa help him get his past straight and stands by his side, as well as the most unlikely group that he leads.
“you are…..a puppet”-sephiroth/jenova-
1) former member of soldier who became a mercenary, hired by avalanche

2) defeater of sephiroth and jehova

3) capable of using very large swords, like the ‘buster sword’

4) has spikey yellow hair

5) childhood friend of tifa lockheart
“but the planets dieing cloud!” – barret
the main character of the coolest video game ever: final fantasy 7.
“let’s mosey!” “dang!!! again! can’t you say move out or something cool like that?!” “umm… move out!” – cloud strife and cid highwind
cloud strife as i would like to put whether some like it or not is the icon of the video gaming world. final fantasy vii has had such an impact on gamers with it’s graphics, story line which will be hard to beat for a very long time, and then there are the characters. cloud strife still till this day can make an impact on the gaming world as most have seen his appearance in kingdom hearts.
example of the icon, is now they are making a movie of final fantasy vii.
see impact people.
a person who on the outside seems cool, confident and strong but on the inside is insecure, scared and doesn’t know who he really is which inevitably leads to a severe breakdown and much needed self realization.
james: wow what happened to randy??? i though he was such a strong dude!

matt: looks can be deceiving, he was a cloud strife this whole time, i really hope he figures things out!

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