the noun form of the verb “sucks”. used to connote a lack of quality or skill. can also be used as an interjection.
“this 486 is sux.”
“i just beat you 45-0, you are obviously sux.”
“haha sux!”
another style to write “sucks”. when something or someone sucks, that means they are not good or bad, or you didn’t like it.
da new movie sux.
v., to suck = to be a burden
– internet slang.
internet slang proves to be highly convenient, making this common phrase so popular.
… man, that sux.
used as one would use “sucks”
someone who isn’t very cool is teh sux.
yuo r teh sux!
the airport code for sioux city, iowa’s airport, “sioux gateway airport / col. bud day field”
i’ll be arriving at sux at 2:35
an idiot’s way of trying to spell sucks on aim.
awe man, that suxs!
ignoring ux (user experience) & existing flaws in interactive digital designs to spend resources on aspects of lower-left graph value, synonymous with respective user feedback.

any quality designer working with a sux team will find difficulty in their work. sux teams generally ignore their patron’s values, do not employ many designers, and can sometimes be close minded.

practicing sux is a common cause of many websites creating difficulty for it’s visitors. sux can effect software applications as well.
“i approached the company about a design position, though realized they are more of a sux team then a ux team.”

“the business decided value of patron feedback and help requests are not significant. instead they are going to focus on what sux.”

“i’ve spent an hour on this site and can’t find what i need. it completely sux!”

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