\ˈkäk mär-kət\

a phenomenon observed describing the number of attractive women (ranked as 8/10 or above on the hotness scale) in a particular geographic area relating to the compet-tion from other females and number of preying males in the area. c-ckmarkets are based on the principle that the more regional or remote a location is, the more attractive the women are deemed to be by males targeting potential females in the area. this is in contrast to attractive women living in city or metropolitan locations whose hotness ranking (score out of 10) is decreased due to the amount of compet-tion and number of other hot females in the area. c-ckmarkets can be compared to other ‘physical’ markets i.e. the stock market, as the principle is based on the supply and demand of commodities i.e. the smaller the supply the higher the demand and increased value
ryan: dude check out that hot piece of walking axe wound
kevin: dude we work in the mining industry in alabama, anything with close to a gash looks good here
ryan: f-ck you she’s not that bad
kevin: is that because she doesn’t have a hairy upper lip and doesn’t drag her arms on the ground like the other 2 girls in this town. to many men and not enough hot women, sure is a c-ckmarket here
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similar to the stock market, the c-ck market tracks the value of a man’s c-ck. a bearish c-ck market suggests the value of your c-ck is quite low, while a bullish c-ck market means that your c-ck is very valuable. supply and demand play a huge role in determining c-ck prices. the higher the demand, the greater the price.
example 1
joe: since he started going out with carly, damon only has one consumer for his c-ck.
steve: that lack of demand means he’s going to take a hit in the c-ck market.
example 2
andrew: d-mn, every girl wants his c-ck right now.
sam: he’s doing insane in the c-ck market recently.

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