a man well schooled and/or trained in the art of s-xual stimulation using his p-n-s.
gloria l-sted after james, for she knew that he was an expert c-cksman.
a well-endowed, s-xually talented male.
that fruit cake would love to get it on with a skilled young c-cksman like randy.
one who is handy with the johnson. a pick-up artist, if you will.
you can say adam is phoney as h-ll, but you can’t deny he’s quite a c-cksman. look at that chick he picked up. wtf? how does he do it?
a male that is a user of women. simular to a gigolo but does not neccesarily rely on a monetary goal. for no other reason than conquests of women closely surrounding this persons life are his driving force.
that john gets all the women in the office. what a c-cksman!
a man with exceedingly high p-ssy-gettin stats. will likely let someone suck their d-ck in exchange for a taco
distinguished c-cksman aaron or “airman” was awarded the c-cksman of the year.
one who can execute the art of what ones c-ck desires at any given time.
“hey nicole guess who had s-x.”
“i did.”
“but lauren i thought you were going to save yourself for marriage, what happnened.”
“i was but i don’t know, anthony was so different”
“oh! anthony, hes not different, he’s a c-cksman!!!”
a man who thinks with his c-ck first, and his head second.
why are you surprised that all i think about is s-x? i’m not going to apologize. i’m a c-cksman!

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