a cl-ssy hoe.
jenn: tay seems to acting like a hoe a little bit more than usual lately.

hay: yeah, but in like a sophisticated way. she’s a coe.
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compulsive overeating disorder. people with coe, also known as bed (binge eating disorder), find food as a comfort and use it to try and solve all of their problems, finding it usually just creates more.
people with coe are commonly overweight, unhappy, and unhealthy. they repeatedly consume huge quant-ties of food in a short period of time, especially when depressed or stressed out.
coe is the opposite of anorexia.
a person who is a hybrid of both a c-nt and a hoe.
alex: that b-tch at subway was being a patronizing coe.

roch-lle: yea, i can’t even stand when someone is a c-nt as well as a hoe. i don’t even know what to call them at that point!

alex: she’s a dumb coe.
a midwestern slang term for cool (with) or down (with)
as in,

“dude, i thought becky was gonna kill me for missing our anniversary, but she was totally coe with it.”
an adjective to describe someone to be in a mood or appear upset
can’t believe he has been in such a coe today
chilled out entertainer. one person, or a group of people who have the ability to entertain others- even large numbers of people- and keep their cool throughout. individual coes may be described as chillers
i know, i was so entertained at their house, i had an absolute blast, but the three of them remained totally chilled out. unbelievable. total coes
code of ethics. if you’re boy is talking to a girl and he calls coe.. you know to back off. don’t be a c-ck block.
friend 1: (starts running game on a girl)
friend 2: i’m calling coe on this one.
friend 1: oh yep. peace.

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