a curly fantastic person with an infectious laugh, caring and loving . every party needs a colette and things always seem much better when she is around. full of ideas and ideals she wants to make a difference in the world. feisty and strong but pr-ne to being hot tempered.

her emotions run deep and she can often find it difficult to contain them and also, paradoxically let them out.
colette takes on challenges even when they seem scary, battling on against all the odds she comes out victorious.

intelligent and beautiful with knowing eyes, she has psychic abilities and is very spiritual.
“that’s a loud laugh colette must be here”
one word: swag. she is f-cking awesome. im jeall of how gorgeous colette is.
kayla is jealous because she is nothing like a colette. kayla cannot bernie but colette can.
a total bad-ss/beast, a girl who can surprise you with her ability’s. very cool and down to earth. won’t get mad at little things. very funny and sarcastic, but sometimes the funniness is hidden beneath shyness. is a pretty girl who everyone likes. can turn a tense situation into a nice one with a joke.
person 1. “wow man, that girl has a nice facial bone structure.”
person 2. “must be a colette”
the best person to ever have lived, with the coolest and stylish fashion sense. colette is talented and fabulous.
“hey, did you see that girl over there?”
“yeah, she is such a colette”
an amazing person who knows how to always lighten the mood. she can turn any dull mood into absolute craziness (in a good way). she is an amazing friend that will always your back. she’s the type of person that you can call at 3 in the morning and she will gladly beat the sh-t out of whoever made you upset. she can party hard and always knows how to have a good time. she is beyond chill. she is gorgeous in every way.
“wow, she looks like she is someone who is really chill.”
“she must be a colette.”

a f-cking hot b-tch that seems to be hated by guys a lot. intellectual yet naive and gullible, she falls for the guy who hates her and owns her in mario kart. but no more, a new day will dawn and she will own all the peoples’ -sses who hated on her and her gigantic b–bs and hot body. yes, the day will come when colette will be the ruler of the universe!!!!!!!!!! muahahahahahah!!!
random person: oh noez, colette is coming! she will crush me with her awesomeness! run awaaaaay!!
super sl-t. has lots of friends in different places.. but for different reasons…. sleeps around, easy, wh-r-. will do anything for a guy to like her. wears short shorts and see-through tank tops so you can see her badongadongs.. theyre huge! if guys even flirt with her she will lift up her shirt and throw them down and start seducing them with her crop tops and shorty short shorts… not a good person to be around… for girls….. super popular with boys.
girl: ” look at that girl! i can see her b–bs through that shirt! she is such a colette!”
boy: “i better go talk to her so sh-ll lift up her shirt, throw me down, and start seducing me… i love those shorty short shorts!”
girl: “you are sick! i bet she does that with everyone”
boy: “thats why i love colettes! and theyre friends. oh look her friend is wearing a seethrough crop top! what a perfect combination”
boy #2: ” i call the colette with the rainbow bra under the white seethrough tank top!”
colettes: ” come over here so we can show you our b–bs! and our v-g-n-s! we can have a fivesome!
boy and boy#2: lets go
girl: “wait for me! wow those colettes really are s-xy!”

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