collective soul

alternative rockers collective soul were one of the five most heavily played bands on 90’s rock radio. despite having 19 seperate singles on the billboard top 100 this great band remains unseen or forgotten by many people.
do you remember “shine” “december” or “the world i know”, that was collective soul at their apex.
without question, or any sliver of doubt, the most underrated rock band of our lifetimes. one of the most incredibly talented bands, which unfortunately, are unheard of or unknown by many people. people instantly recognize songs such as “december” and “shine,” yet have never heard of collective soul.
tracks produced by collective soul such as “heavy,” “she said,” “counting the days,” “perfect day” etc. are some of the greatest songs of our time, yet go unheard by virtually everyone.
best f-cking rock band ever!!
spence: man, did you go to the collective soul concert last nite?
rob: no, they suck
spence: f-ckin’ ch-nk
everybody’s mind and spirit working as one to reach a common goal.
the collective soul of the united states in 1776 was freedom and independence from england.

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