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  • by the face

    when you do or say something which has no sense in that situation, you do it by the face. – he told me i was a liar. – why? – pfff by the face, i had never spoken with him before.

  • babadobey

    a random exclamation of appreciation or excitement as first displayed by king louis in walt disneys the jungle book. ‘mate i gave her a right good seeing to last night!’ (sung) ‘babadobey bubadoo!’

  • colorblind date

    similar to going on a blind date, but you know your date’s name. man: hey you seem like matt’s type! woman: who’s matt? man: a friend of mine. i’ll set you two up on a colorblind date.

  • baby daddy mama

    the mother of yo baby daddy. your child’s grandmother on the paternal side. overheard at the mall… q: who watchin little ray ray while you at the cub? a: he wit his baby daddy mama. a child’s paternal grandmother. neeecie-c’mon girl let’s go clubbin, go drop lil’ boo at his babydaddymama crib.

  • come on lads!!!

    1.shouted (at enormous volume) when first realising it is kicking off, firstly to let your boys know that “those other c-nts arent getting away with this”, and also, to: strike the fear of death into their very soles. aided greatly by the consumption of premium lager (preferably stella). 2.screamed at the television, whilst in the […]

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