to have an aversion to someone’s skin color; usually used in the african-american community, especially in the southern u.s.
that brother only dates light-skinned women; i think he’s colorstruck.
when an african american is attracted to a lighter complexion african american exclusively. in spite of what their own complexion maybe.
john said,” d-mn tammy is black as h-ll she need to get out of the sun.” i said yo you need to chill she is fine as h-ll. not with that tar baby complexion she aint. d-mn brother you are color struck.
1) a term used by african americans to describe a person who partakes in colorism, which is racism within one’s own race.

2) color struck people subconsciously practice racism within their own race. most of the time, they are unaware that they practice it and are in denial.

2) a color struck person praises and prefers lighter skin over darker skin. as a result, lighter skinned blacks will benefit from light skin privilege.

3) a color struck person also praises and prefers loose curly hair over kinky hair.

4) color struck people have the audacity to complain about racism, but practice racism within their own race. hypocrites.
things that color struck people say:

– “i only like light skinned black women.”

– ‘i am not dark skinned. i am brown skinned!”

– “red bones and yellow bones are more beautiful.”

– “you have that good hair, it’s not nappy.”

– “i rep #team light skinned.”

– “how dare they call me dark! i’m not dark skinned.”

– “i only date light skinned black men.”

– “i want to have a baby with a white person so that my kids will have a better chance of inheriting that “good hair.”

– “i’m mixed, not black dammit!”

– “i don’t like bad hair. nappy hair is ugly.”

– “you hair is so nice and curly. it looks so much better than people with afros.”

– “my great granddad was white or native american, so that makes me mixed, not black.”

– “how dare you call me african!”

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