used to describe a gaggle (or “f-ggle” as it were) of single g-y men, that live together in a common goose-sh-t strewn compound property, sometimes lacking the regular use of bathing facilities for personal hygiene, and more often than not found to be smug and naive of the realities of the outside world. they are generally liked, but yet mocked in the local g-y community. more often than not can be used to describe a group in the city of bellingham in washington state, and a transient sometimes tenant whom is not a mere mortal man, but commonly referred to and called “the joseph”, but of course that is not his “real” name, just a locally understood moniker. similar groups can be found throughout the continental united states & possibly abroad. synonym: “f-ggle commmune”. ( see term “f-ggle” here on urban dictionary for further definition.) the term “compoundnista” was coined in fun via a local “chuck-ism”.
man, the compoundnistas are actually out gracing us with their f-ggle presence tonight! someone p-ss the soap, quick!

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