a.k.a. h-ll.
when i die, i hope to i go to heaven, not concordia.
a village in the state of kansas that has probably the most conservative, shallow-minded, bigot people ever…seriously. there is absolutely nothing to do and the people there usually have to adopt the ways of people around them and what they see on mtv in order to “stay cool”. don’t move here unless you hate black and hispanics and love to be surrounded by white trash people who still think the “ipod” is a new thing.
kyle: hey man, i go to school in cloud county, kansas, where do you go?

john: why the h-ll would you go there, dude?? isn’t that in concordia??

kyle: f-ck yeah it is! i wreckon the chicks are real hot and have tramp stamps.

john: um wow, that was so 2001 that tramp stamps were they are just trashy.
concordia is the latin word for “harmony,” literally “with (one) heart.”
1. in roman mythology, concordia is the goddess of harmony.
2. ‘concordia’ is the latin name for the ‘book of concord,’ a compilation of lutheran doctrinal statements.
3. as a place name, concordia may indicate lutheran involvement/settlement.
4. concordia system of colleges, universities, seminaries of the lutheran church-missouri synod, incl. concordia college, selma, al; concordia college, bronxville, ny; concordia univ, irvine, ca; concordia univ, portland, or; concordia univ, ann arbor, mi; concordia univ, river forest, il; concordia univ, st. paul, mn; concordia univ, austin, tx; concordia univ, mequon, wi; concordia seminary, st. louis, mo; concordia theo seminary, fort wayne, in; and the vastly superior concordia univ, seward, ne.
5. concordia luth seminary & concordia univ college, edmonton, ab and concordia luth theo seminary, st. catharines, on, once part of the concordia system, were inherited by lutheran church-canada upon formation.
6. concordia college, moorhead, mn of the evangelical lutheran church in america (elca).
7. two concordias in australia are lutheran grade schools, not universities.
8. concordia college & university is a diploma mill with ever-changing headquarters that requires no attendance, no study, and will grant even your dog an advanced degree in approximately 12 hours.
9. various independent concordia inst-tutions.
ole: “what’s the name of yer school?”
lena: “i go to concordia.”
ole: “ya must be a lutheran, then.”
lena: “oh yeah, ya betcha!”
anglophone university in montreal, qc. the student body is comprised almost entirely of students who were rejected from mcgill university.
what do a mcgill student and a concordia student have in common?

they both applied to mcgill.

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