getting permission for touching, kissing, or various s-xual behaviors. consent culture is becoming a wider spread movement especially within feminist settings. if one does not have consent for a said act, the act is often considered s-xual -ssault
“can i kiss you?”
“would you like me to touch your thigh?”

are examples of people using consent
the achievement of willful acknowledgment, s-xual acceptance and eventually permission (whether expressly stated or implied) by a female/male, to an advance made by a member/member(s) of the same/opposite s-x.
“i say, madame – perchance might i plant one on you?”
(expressed, inviting consent – or possible rejection)

“mmmmm, mmmm”, (with a parting of the thighs)
(implied consent)

“excuse me madame, has anybody j-cked off in your panties lately and returned the goodies to your dresser as a special surprise? you liked it, didn’t you? yes you did you little devil. would you like me to do it in the near future (without your immediate prior knowledge) and for me to leave the goodies for your perusal/arousal at a later date?”
(express consent requested with consent once given, taken as implicit for future actions matching desciption, but with a degree of poetic license allowable in performing the act to maintain the element of surprise and joy on the part of the female)
being friendly toward the idea and partaking in the smoking of marijuana.

the act of smoking marijuana.
yeah, let’s consent.
the new “slang” word in the halo community. replaces the word “rape”.
d3cain: i just consented your face!
gh057ayame: d-mn, yeah you did.
the smell on your fingers after you’ve put them in a girl’s p-ssy.
“your honor, of course i had her consent. i had it on my fingers, on my face, i had it everywhere.”

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