the most “cool” or the “best”
“man, that car is like the coolest thing i’ve ever seen!”

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  • chinese abortion

    the act of doing someone a favor that would help from killing an innocent human being. this is also known as the act of kicking someone in the crotch with a steel boot. thank you so much you seriously just gave me a chinese abortion. i just gave liam a chinese abortion and he cried.

  • fell ass-backwards

    to come into great fortune/luck unexpectedly, especially through imprudent behavior. a: “did you know that jane blew her birthday money all on one ring as an impulse buy, turns out the stone was worth 10x what she paid!” b: “d-mn! she really fell -ss-backwards into something huh!”

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    a greeting word. can have more 0s added. me-d00m loser- what? me- d00m loser- oh!hi!

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