Corona, California

corona is a city in riverside county, california. currently home to 160,000 people, the circle city continues to rapidly grow due to a number of factors.

first off, corona is located in a very desirable spot. situated less than an hour away from the beaches and entertainment of orange county & los angeles, the deserts and snow-capped mountains, corona is truly in the middle of it all.

second, corona provides fairly new, big-sized, and affordable housing to its residents. a nice 4 bedroom home in corona can be bought for less than $450k. in orange county or la $450k will get you a ghetto 2 bedroom home in a questionable area.

third, corona is safe and has great schools. all the crime and gangs of la and the ie do not exist here. most residents of corona are decent, middle to upper cl-ss, college-educated families that moved here to escape the ridiculously high cost of living in la and oc. corona is a really calm and peaceful city where bad things never happen. the worst thing you hear about here is a bad accident on the 91. there are 3 high schools: corona high, centennial high, and santiago high. all of which are great schools with pretty cool and chill people.

finally, corona has every store and restaurant that you could possibly imagine. you rarely have to venture out of the city to get something that you need. if its not at cajalco or dos lagos, it’ll be at mckinley or on ontario.
another thing worth mentioning is the diversity of the city. west corona, (green river/sierra del oro area) is right on the border of orange county and has a high percentage of whites. central corona is the oldest part of the city where most residents are hispanics. south corona (south of ontario) is the newest part of the city and also home to the wealthiest residents and multi-million dollar mansions. north and east corona are mostly middle-cl-ss with more asians and blacks.

all this being said, corona is quite possibly one of the greatest cities in riverside county and the inland empire!

i live in corona, california…..where the mountains are visible from any part of the city…where the weather is perfect all year long…where the air is fresh and the people are down-to-earth…where there is a strong sense of community…where i can afford to own a large house with a pool…corona is my home 🙂

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