couple of the day; your goals couple.
“omg halley and zack are so my cotd! too cute!”
comment of the day.
stands for a comment that deserves a special place in a blog for being funny, good, ridiculous, etc.
you all suck d-ck
a common typo.
the keys are like right next to each other.
cotd, lol.

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  • scenario 3

    scenario 3 is a bl-w j-b performed as last resort after your imagined or projected sequence of events, especially any of several detailed plans or possibilities have failed. after going through scenarios 1 and 2 and failing to close the sale, cj resorted to scenario 3 in order to seal the deal.

  • swallow a fart

    the act of holding back a fart in a situation where letting go is not possible. i was talking to my boss this morning and had to swallow a fart.

  • mumbis

    a mumbi is an amazing woman, very kind and very loving, if you have a mumbi then you had better not let go because she will light up your day dude last night i was with mumbi a b-mp or a thing to call someone i have a mumbis on my face your a mumbis

  • wigadiggle

    the act of never losing a wet soggy erect p-n-s i have a wigadiggle

  • eskimo b*lls deep

    when it’s so cold out that you tuck your scr-t-m into the woman’s v-g-n- during s-x to keep it warm. “it was so freezing last night i was pounding my old lady and had to go eskimo b-lls deep to stay warm!”

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