court evangelical

court evangelicals are trump’s inner circle of christian evangelicals who think it is a good idea for ministers to endorse candidates from the pulpit, have bowed a knee to the political power of the presidency, think trump is a “baby christian,” believe evangelicals have found their “dream president” in trump, and regularly show up at the white house whenever trump wants to say something about religion. the court evangelicals sacrifice their prophetic voice to political influence. the court evangelicals have put their faith in a political strongman who promises to alleviate their fears and protect them from the forces of secularization.

they are evangelical leaders who will defend donald trump no matter what he does.

source: john fea, professor of american history and chair of the history department at messiah college in grantham, pennsylvania, his blog is the way of improvement leads home
person 1: could you tell me who some of these court evangelicals are?
person 2: robert jeffress, jerry falwell jr., paula white, james dobson, robert morris, franklin graham, kenneth copeland…

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