Crabmeat Dick

the smell or condition commonly attributed to an unclean p-n-s or taint. this smell often ruminates through bar men’s rooms and high school bathrooms/locker rooms alike.
why janice, what is that scent your wearing, might it be crabmeat d-ck?

dude, you’ve got some serious crabmeat d-ck going on down there.

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    flesh colored puddy used to conceal the top half of the -ss crack, to create a false illusion of a neatly concealed crack. most commonly applied to someone with a bad case of plumber’s crack. d-mnit joe, put some crack sp-ckle on that -ss before i puke! someone you dislike and who is up themselves. […]

  • cribbin' gash

    occurs when a man performs oral s-x on a woman’s v-g-n- in a manner similar to that of a horse eating out of a feed trough. q: what are you doing tonight? a: oh man, i’m just gonna be cribbin’ gash non-stop.

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