it label given to any foul individual, albeit body odor, dirty, or just a sh-tty att-tude. in essense, it’s slime that c-ms out the -ss of someone who just got -ss raped.
dude…what’s with all the cr-pspooge on your hands?

look at that cr-pspooge who just walked in.

what’s up cr-pspooge?

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  • billy big pants

    someone who lacks intellegence but is kind of funny and you don’t mind hanging out with them cause they make you laugh. pip just road his skateboard off the roof of our house on a dare. what a billy big pants.

  • Ronions

    an uncooked version of the bulbous plant (allium cepa), cultivated worldwide as a vegetable. usually referred to as “raw onion” “whos next?” “i’ll take two dogs.” “you want ronions on dat?”

  • Rubix Cube Whore

    noun. a person that gets a rubix cube and tries to solve it all day. failing. never letting anyone else see it or do it…or teach them how to do it. g-d did you see eli? he’s being such a rubix cube wh-r- today.

  • Creeper Candy

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