a word used when someone is surprised
eg. oh cravins, they killed him!

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  • flufficide

    the genocide of anything fluffy! those sheep factories are just corporate flufficide!

  • fluffisised

    when all you were is fluff when someone is wearinlots of fluff

  • fly kipping

    falling asleep on a bus or other public transportation when coming back from a long day of work or a party. it is common place for bus and train drivers in england to wakeup p-ssengers who nod off after a long day’s work. fly kipping has become a rising trend.

  • crimpin'

    the act of stealing a certain style, look,phrase, but not physically stealing -all them otha rappers be crimpin my style – posers are all crimpin those gangster looks -“you’re so fat that you’re askin fo’ thirds, trendy–ss wigs be a crimpin’ my words” ridiculously sick, awesome, legit, tight, etc. generally used to describe something that […]

  • Crink Scpae

    unexplained substance encrusted to the surface on which one stands. what is this crink scpae?

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