the act of stealing a certain style, look,phrase, but not physically stealing
-all them otha rappers be crimpin my style
– posers are all crimpin those gangster looks
-“you’re so fat that you’re askin fo’ thirds, trendy–ss wigs be a crimpin’ my words”
ridiculously sick, awesome, legit, tight, etc. generally used to describe something that is the absolute best.
harry potter is the most crimpin series ever.
a cripple that excels in the art of pimping. this trait is usually found in an individual with no use of their legs, loud and rowdy att-tude, and always surrounded by a group of followers.
everyone knows gardner, that kid is straight crimpin.
when you sleep with your brothers girlfriend without him knowing.
man you better stop crimpin on me, but i aint mad at ya she is fine.
to look, feel, and be hott and s-xy. a feature of a person that looks really good, such as their hair, face, clothes.
d-mnn, her body is crimpin!

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