1. to creep ones life
2. the new coolest way to ask whats going on
hey mich-lle, whats a creepaleepin?
hey, tor just creepaleepin some facebook.

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  • kex

    trousers (in scouse/liverpool dialect). f-ckinell, i shat my kex in terror when i saw the dinosaur coming towards me. kex———- one two words combined into one for a devastating effect… kinky s-x= kex hey, i just came back from rob’s, we had kex!

  • room whore

    occupying many irc rooms (channels) simultaneously, without actually reading or writing anything. /whois ramlok … ramlok is in the following rooms: sado, opera, lounge, cepite, siret, friends, &cool, &canadian, benji … what a room wh-r-… h-ll yeah!

  • ROTFLMFAOWTIME internet expression of laughter at something humerous. 2. stands for “rolls on the floor laughing my f-cking -ss off with tears in my eyes”

  • Crotchalated

    when a male (over a certain age) gets h-t in the crotch he is crotchalated “i got crotchalated when i sled down the hill because there was a rock in wrong places…”

  • crundelitis

    disease of having an overly dirty crundel. can be cured by the cleaning and washing of the crundel area. man i was about to eat her out then smelled her crundelitis and said “o nah”.

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