cringe comedy is a specific genre of comedy, where the intent is to make you uncomfortable rather than make you laugh.
example of a cringe worthy individual: a fedora-wearing misanthrope who also happens to enjoy my little pony and always complains about being “forever alone”. sometimes, he carries fake swords and attaches fake furry tails to his pants and walks around in public pretending he is not human. he spends his days browsing 9gag and talks about memes on his facebook page. he says “lol” out-loud. he is unemployed and lives in his mother’s bas-m-nt. he prides himself in his sense of humor, where his favorite “joke” involves screaming “d’oh!” in a homer simpson voice. he often incorporates the french word “le” prior to nouns in order to make them funnier. for example, i went to le shopping mall and bought myself le fedora. he uses this word because he doesn’t know how to be funny so he resorts to stale reddit jokes.

the cringe channel ( is a comedy site full of examples which perfectly exemplify this type of person
uk slang. an extremely awkward, uncomfortable situation caused by a person, group of people or environment, causing extreme embarr-ssment. the resultant effect on the surrounding non-cringe people is usually shame, chagrin or vexation or a combination of these.
1. “mate, i can’t believe that fred was wasted and tried to get with a guy. absolute cringe.”

2. “mate, i can’t believe that fred got wasted and fell down the stairs naked in front of that girl he fancied. that was cringe. solid banter though.”

2. the epitomy of “cringe”:
the feeling when you’ve done something really embar-ssing.
or when someone else does something embar-ssing.
“oh man, i got hammered last night and slept with that really fat girl from college.” -cringe-
relates to a number of things but mainly

1.when someone says something really unfunny and everything goes silent.
2. when someone goes on and on about something which is really boring
3.when someone makes an unwanted comment

(it can be signalled with the lifting of the hand )
person 1: ‘tells really unfunny, long boring joke’
person 2:”cringe” ‘lifts hand’
when something embarr-ssing happens, you just have to ‘cringe’.
or, if you say you were ‘cringing’, you were very embarressed.
‘omg, when i slipped on the banana in front of my crush, i just had to cringe!
a word that was originally meant to describe embarr-ssingly stupid individuals & actions.
you know the feeling you get when you hear those really weird embarr-ssing stories in the news? thats what the word was originally used for.

now this word has been completely butchered & overkilled by internet trolls, cyber bullies, anti-bronies, & keyboard warriors.
thanks to all the trolls on the internet who constantly misuse/overuse this word, the word cringe is now a cringeworthy word.

people who use the word cringe alot tend to be covering up something cringeworthy about themselves.
the cringe channel (aka anti-bronies, trolls, cyber bullies, unite!) has completely butchered the word cringe.

you keep using the word ‘cringe’. i dont think it means what you think it means.

troll: the cringe is strong with this one.

troll: you make me cringe

while there are many bronies who actually are cringeworthy, anti-bronies use the word cringe to describe all people who like friendship is magic
moments when you remember things that happened the previous night that you’re not proud of, making you cringe.
jane: oh no.
jessica: what’s wrong?
jane: i just remembered that i kissed joe last night after that 5th tequila shot. i’ve got a bad case of the cringes.

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