someone who has been newly initiated into the “crips” gang.
d’bo just got initiated into the crips. let’s get buck n’ crunk to dat funky c-walk in celebration to his being crippled.

q: why’s the sky blue?
a: ’cause the earth b crippled cuz!
being so high that you can not feel your legs or other partsof your body
the other day we ripped the bong so hard we were f-ckin crippled
being extremely drunk or high.
i’m getting crippled tonight!
the feeling in ones body after a night of intense and repet-tive s-x after refraining from s-xual encounters for a period of time.
whatever, i’m glad my girlfriend turned out to be a lesbian because last night i got crippled by this bartender with lisa loeb gl-sses. -high fives-
when something’s funny, doesn’t go right, or something you don’t want to do. and something that’s stupid and p-sses you off.
look at her hair! it looks crippled!

i don’t wanna do this sh-t, it’s crippled!

i’m moving… that’s crippled!

mostly used in video games. it’s when either you, an opponet, or non playable charcter hits you or them so hard that it only leaves you or them with a very small or very little ammount of health remaing.
dude that guy just crippled me with that 25 hit combo from ryu.
a crippled person is someone who have a physical or mental deficiency.
i’m emosionally crippled

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