Crocodile Hunter

real name: steve robert irwin
february 22 1962, – september 4, 2006

known as the crocodile hunter, an unconventional wildlife doc-mentary series which he hosted with his wife terri irwin. he also owned and operated the australia zoo at beerwah in queensland with friend william rollo and his wife. in 2002, he had his first feature film, the crocodile: collision course, which recieved negative ratings (it cost $13 million budget). in 2004, he took his newborn child to one of his shows, where he was accused of child endangerment, it was revealed on good morning america that he doesn’t endanger children. on september 4, 2006, he was fatally stabbed in the heart by a stingray, where steve met his demise. gone but not forgotten
me: did you watch good morning america today? crocodile hunter died.
other guy: i saw it at 6:00 a.m.!
me: so did i!
another guy: he died?
the crocodile hunter, steve irwin, learned a hard lesson. people belong in swimming pools.
the crocodile hunter cashed out.
see steve irwin
crikey! i’m australian of the year!
a show who’s host must be on some kind of mind altering substance. sneaks up behind animals and wrestles them down. he has a very thick austrailian accent. is not famous for using common sense.
doctor: steve, what happened?

steve irwin: well, i was staring a spitting cobra in the face. and get this, the little b-gg-r spit a huge glob of venom in my eye!
when a man holds open the mouth of his s-xual partner and inserts his member into said orifice.
my baby’s mouth is so small that when she goes down on me i gotta protect my unit ‘crocodile hunter’ styles.
a person that must rummage through untrimmed pubic hair (bush) to find their partner’s genitals.
hey baby you need to shave that bush because i ain’t no crocodile hunter!
when a busty women viciously knaws on a mans chode
matt: so what did you do last night

jon: i got a crocodile hunter from a wh-r-

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