a name used by geeks to refer to marijuana. it is a variation of cronic, but shortened to take on the name of the unix scheduling utility. see also crontab and cron job.
verb – to do something excessively and/or chronically (especially video games)

noun – one who does something to excess and/or chronically (especially video games)
verb – “hey rob, what’d you do last night?”
“i cronned call of duty 4 for 5 hours.”

noun – “dude,i played wow for 80 hours this week.”
“ruffle, you’re a cron.”
cron- an omnipresent being whos knowledge is unquestionable and power is all encomp-ssing. the cron is a master of wheat avoidance, listener of reggae, enjoyer of cider and buyer of cat food. crons word is final.

it is said there are only 3 main enemies of cron;

zonya: the uneducated styler of hair from the realm of blackburn.

sheltem: the encroacher of cron, he plans to eventually throw cron into the sun.

statistical -n-lysis: the bain of crons existence.

the cron is a rarely seen being as it is said she sleeps well into the afternoon and rarely rises from this extreme slumber.
person 1. “gr-ss is green”

the cron. “no gr-ss is purple!”

person 1. “what are you on about?”

the cron. ” the crons word is final!”

person 1. “oh yeah it is purple!”

person 2. “here have some of this sandwhich.”

the cron. “no that contains wheat!”

person 2. “you truly are a master of wheat avoidance!”

the cron.”i’ll take this cat food please.”

shopkeeper.” there you go.”

the cron.”thank you.”
noun and or adjective/adverb- cron or chron anything that is hip, cool, kind, or interesting and can be used in a variety of circ-mstances and has transcended from its original meaning to be a noun verb or used to describe or define almost anything good.
“thats a cron game man.”
“wow now thats some cron right there.” referring to anything good could be weed, food, carpeting, a ring, a jacket etc.
“i love you your so crontastic” used to start a adjective to increase it’s meaning to higher level.
“i never knew about that, that’s pretty cron” used in place of another describing word for good, kind, hip etc.
“id really like to know what’s cron right about now i’m bored sh-tless” and used as a noun to mean whats “the deal”.
1. a basketball club whose name is an acronym for “come ready or never start”

2. a name designated by the teriyaki house when they cannot understand your seemingly simple name.
teriyaki house: what is your name?
colin: colin.
teriyaki house: ok, your name crons from now on.
colin: okay…

some anonymous person: yo colin, come over here.
omid: dude, his name is crons. say it right, b-tch.
colin: fo sho, thats how i roll, ain’t that right cobin?
omid: d-mn straight son, lets get some food.
colin: feeeeeeet!!!
the meaning of something that is really greator sweet. derives from the cronic.
“ohh my god, that’s cron”
to squeeze a woman’s b–b until it explodes into a bl–dy/and/or milky mess.
chick – i’m so sore from last night

chick 2 – why?

chick – my boyfriend gave me a cron.

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